80s sweethearts Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton’s “You Can’t Make Old Friends”

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers have always been close friends and collaborated on several songs. Both the artists went through similar struggles in their professional life when starting their careers. His best friend Dolly was a very “special person for Kenny.”

Recently, the old friends collaborated once again for their song, “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” Before the performance, both the singers had a chat with one another. Both of them spoke about their long-time partnership with each other.

Dolly talked about how their song, “Islands in the Stream,” was a hit to this day and how the audience still loved the song. In addition, the classic country music duo talked about their onstage chemistry.

The song was one of the most emotional songs sung by the pair. Listeners could relate to the lyrics and get attached to the music easily as it was so close to reality. The song was written by Caitlyn Smith, Ryan Hanna King, & Don Schlitz. It was also nominated for the Grammy Award and was included in Kenny Rogers’ album, You Can’t Make Old Friends.

The beautiful song talked about long-lasting friendship. How a person could meet a stranger and build a friendly relationship that lasted for a lifetime. The beautiful memories you created with your friends are irreplaceable, and what would happen when they were gone.

The song fits Dolly & Kenny as they have known each other for a long time. Kenny was the first to come on stage with the spotlight on him. After singing a few verses, Dolly joined in and sang along with her best friend.

The flashback of their collaboration was also included as the singers sang the emotional song onstage. After the song finished, Kenny and Dolly continued to speak about how important this song was to them. The two singers were glad they could do this wonderful song together.

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